Arizona Equity Crowdfunding is here! "FOR ARIZONA RESIDENTS ONLY".

With the passing of the Intrastate Offering Exemption, small businesses in Arizona are now able to sell stock directly to Arizona investors online.

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The equity crowdfunding portal seeks to assist entrepreneurs who are soliciting small investments from a large number of people at the same time. Entrepreneurs are assigned a project coordinator and are given guidance to complete the FundMyBusinessAZ exclusive ten step process.

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Currently, entrepreneurs can raise up to $1M in a 12-month period without a financial audit or up to $2.5M in a 12-month period with a completed financial audit from the prior fiscal year. Entrepreneurs can validate their business as they gain momentum during the capital raise as well as turn investors into loyal advocates and owners. This is a great way to get their project’s message out there.

Equity Crowdfunding Investors

This new law allows any Arizona resident the opportunity to invest up to $10,000. Residents that qualify as an “accredited investor” are not subject to the $10,000 limit. Investors are compensated for their investment by receiving shares in the company, with customary ownership advantages.


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Our new platform creates access, reduces costs and increases opportunity. Accredited investors can enjoy direct deal access with maximum choice and minimum fees.


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FundMyBusinessAZ allowed us to access private equity on a deal by deal basis. We had been investing randomly for years and never felt comfortable with the process or scrutiny. FundMyBusinessAZ has raised the bar and set the standard for private equity.

Bobby Johansen


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Unprecedented Access

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