Arizona Equity Crowdfunding is here! "FOR ARIZONA RESIDENTS ONLY".

With the passing of the Intrastate Offering Exemption, small businesses in Arizona are now able to sell stock directly to Arizona investors online.

About Us is an online equity crowdfunding portal that connects small businesses and startups with investors from across Arizona.  Our online platform enables early-stage companies the opportunity to raise capital through offering equity to participating investors. 

Because of capital fundraising limits, we also offer services for introducing small businesses and startups with Arizona-based family offices, angel investors and venture capital firms. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Mission Statement

We are “Arizona’s Crowdfunding Resource”.

 Our Services

The portal uses advanced technology to connect investors together online with quality investment opportunities that meet Arizona’s Crowdfunding states standards. We offer education and consulting services relating to Arizona’s equity Crowdfunding Provisions, assistance in preparing and reviewing disclosure documents, and posting crowdfunding projects on our website. Our website features include escrow and accounting services, e-signature capabilities, payment processing, bad actor checks, anti-money laundering oversight as well as an on-line deal room for confidential document sharing. We also offer fund readiness assessments as a service and offer resources to our entrepreneurs as appropriate.

The Solution

Investors can go to our website, read information on the business proposal, and then have the opportunity to securely invest in the business. The crowdfunding platform then tracks the money and eventually distributes it to the entrepreneur at a specific time. The investors can be compensated for their investment by receiving an ownership stake in the business, based on the amount that they invested.

Startups- provides startups with a streamlined fundraising process and a network of investors in their own backyard, to get the capital needed to scale to new heights.

Small Businesses- provides a marketplace with the necessary tools and information for small businesses to raise capital from a network of friends, family, other investors and their best customers. Grow and expand their current operations – without having to answer to the bank or use additional personal finances.

Investors- provides non-accredited and accredited investors that are verified Arizona residents, with access to early-stage companies across a wide spectrum of industries. If you want to invest in startups in Arizona or just be notified when new deals are available, register on our portal.

 Fund AZ LLC dba is a privately owned Limited Liability Company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


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