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Arizona Equity Crowdfunding is here!

FMBAZ is the first equity crowdfunding resource in the state of Arizona that openly connects residents with investment opportunities that meet the states standards. With the passing of the Intrastate Offering Exemption, companies are now able to sell stock to investors online. Any Arizona resident can now invest up to $10,000 in an Arizona co. Residents that are 'accredited investors' are not subject to the $10,000 limit.

The FMBAZ portal connects investors looking for innovative investment opportunities with entrepreneurs in need of funding. Our platform enables companies the opportunity to raise capital by offering equity in their company to investors. The portal is exclusive to Arizona residents. It is our hope that by connecting local entrepreneurs with local investors, Arizona will grow organically and keep investments within our community.

If you're an Arizona resident you can invest in growing businesses within our great state. Investors can Sign In to our website, review information on innovative businesses and then have the opportunity to securely invest. Investors can be compensated for their investment by receiving ownership in the business based on the amount that they invested. For example: An entrepreneur needs to raise $600,000 for their business. They decide to use equity Crowdfunding. So, as an example they need an average of 300 Arizona residents to invest $2,000 each. This model is the basis of how equity crowdfunding works by getting lots of people to invest small sums of money.

The portal is the only equity crowdfunding website openly available to Arizona residents. By supporting Arizona businesses, we strengthen Arizona together.

About Arizona Crowdfunding

Invest in Growing Arizona Businesses is the first equity crowdfunding resource in the state of Arizona openly connecting investors with quality investment opportunities that meet the states standards. With the passing of the Intrastate Offering Exemption, Arizona residents are now able to invest in companies directly by buying their stock online. We provide accredited and non-accredited Arizona investors with access to companies across a wide spectrum of industries. If you want to invest in companies in Arizona or be notified when new deals are available, please sign in on our portal.

Investors can then go to our online deal room, review the information on different business proposals, and have the opportunity to invest in a business. Investors are compensated by receiving shares or an ownership stake in the company, with customary ownership advantages. Anyone can invest if they find an appealing project on our portal. They can do their own research to make an educated decision, and If they desire to get in on a good thing our portal will walk them through the process. It’s really that easy.

By becoming an investor, you help the small business community. You might also invest in the next internet giant or industry-changing company shaping our future.

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Arizona is rich in capital and human resources. Together we'll aim to achieve mutual prosperity for everyone.

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