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The new Arizona Equity Crowdfunding law gives entrepreneurs access to capital that was previously unavailable to them. Our Governor signed this law into effect as a job creation initiative. The FMBAZ portal is here to educate and guide entrepreneurs through this process. Systems are in place to for the resources they need to comply with the states standards. Equity crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to present a capital raising pitch on our crowdfunding portal. This is a great way to get your project’s message out there. Entrepreneurs can promote the sale of equity in their business to Investors. This assists entrepreneurs who are soliciting investments from a large number of people at the same time.

We offer education and consulting services relating to Arizona's equity Crowdfunding Provisions, assistance in preparing and reviewing Disclosure Documents and posting crowdfunding projects. We also offer assessments as a service and resources to our entrepreneurs as appropriate. Using crowdfunding is more efficient that traditional fundraising. It is open to any legal industry. Entrepreneurs can validate their business as they gain momentum during the capital raise. They may also turn investors into ambassadors for their cause. Our business model is designed to assist entrepreneurs through the process by providing consulting and hosting services. These resources include branding, creative design, professional grade videos and consulting services.

FMBAZ provides a the necessary tools and information for small businesses to raise capital from a network of family, friends, investors and even their best customers. Entrepreneurs can grow and expand their current operations - without having to answer to the bank. We provide a streamlined fundraising process and a network of investors in your own backyard. Get the capital needed to scale to new heights.

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